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you can't make this shit up

forever seventeen
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she's loud; she's obnoxious. she speaks her mind and it usually only gets her into more trouble. she's pro- (almost) everything. she's hypersensitive and paranoid. she's extremely random and spontaneous and dances like no one is watching. she has been drinking coffee everyday since she was a baby. she needs caffine and is addicted to diet arizona green tea. she taps the top of (beer) cans for no reason at all. she hates soda and just fell in love with vitamin water. her form of self mutilation is niccotine. she can go through a pack of newports a day if shes up to it. she smokes them down to the filter and flicks the ashes after every drag. she will do anything for her friends at all times. akward silence makes her angry. she's a closet book nerd and is in her glory when she's asleep. the rain comforts her and makes her feel safe. she loves the fall / winter. she loves the smell of cool, fresh air when you walk outside on saturday and sunday mornings. she loves her sweatshirts/sweatpants. holiday television specials are her guilty pleasure. her house in upstate new york is her escape from reality. she lays in her bed at night watching the fake stars on her ceiling and stares at the moon through her back window. her biggest hobby is making lists; mostly playlists for every occasion. midnight road trips to nowhere are what she lives for.

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